About US

Our Project

Maze is one of the leading companies in the internet marketing field. We review different dating platforms to provide consumers with full and unbiased information about products and services available in this niche. Our main objective is to increase the number of well-informed online daters and help them quickly find the dating site that responds to their demands.

We are not planning to explore every dating site on the web. We choose some of the most sought-after dating sites among people from around the globe and describe the experience a person can get there.

Creating our reviews, we highlight the reputation of a particular dating site, its membership base, interface and user-friendliness, pricing policy, ease of joining, and communication tools and features it offers.

Our Business

We do not offer any subscription or paid services for our readers. Thus anyone can gain access to our reviews for free.

Our project is financed by advertising compensation we receive from promoted companies that may be reviewed here.

We receive these compensations when a person clicks on links on our site leading on the reviewed products, register there, or spend money on their products and services.

This form of financing can also affect the order in which other dating sites are presented on Maze. At the same time, multiple other factors influence the content we create and the opinion we publish. They include the popularity of the particular dating site, its reputation, user interface, engagement, etc.

Our Reviews

Our team creates all the texts published on our site. Working on each review, we follow our internal guidelines to ensure that the content we make is truthful, useful, and engaging. We encourage our reviewers to express their opinion and come to their own conclusions. To make it possible, we have separated our content and marketing teams.

Working on each material, our reviewers spend several weeks on the dating sites and then share their personal experience with readers. The editorial team periodically proofread all the content published on our site.

We strive to make each review accurate. However, there is always a chance that some details can be missed, prices can be changed, or new tools and features can appear after the publication.

We try to keep track of updates of the sites reviewed and quickly correct our materials.

Promoted brands can also request us to actualize our publications.

We are receptive to feedback from our readers. If you want to share your opinion on our reviews, please feel free to contact us via email.

Our Scores & Rankings

After spending hours exploring each dating site and read materials published on the web, we use the following four criteria to assign Our Score:

  • - Popularity
  • - Reputation
  • - Engagement
  • - Look & Feel

We also take into account the personal opinion of our reviewers and designers.

Let’s take a closer look at each criterion.

Popularity is a complex metric calculated based on the number of unique users and users’ visits for each dating site. To get this data, we appeal to the trusted third-party analytical platforms like SimilarWeb.

The more unique users and users’ visits the site has, the higher the popularity metric will be.

Reputation of a dating platform is a reflection of what real users think and say about it. So we go to the independent customer reviews platforms (Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and others) and analyze what people write there about the dating site we explore.

We understand that such data is not absolutely unbiased because the scores published on such platforms can be manipulated. Still, we are sure that most comments posted there reflect the opinion of real users.

Engagement means how active members are on a particular dating site. It includes how often members visit it (visit frequency), how much time they spend there (visit duration), how many pages they view during an average visit (average amount of viewed pages per visit), and how many people leave the site after viewing only one page (bounce rate).

This information we get from the third-party analytical platform SimilarWeb. The sites with low bounce rates, high frequency, long visit duration, and large numbers of pages viewed get the high engagement score from us.

Look & Feel. To assign this score, we turn to our creative team. This team consists of UI/UX designers who have the necessary expertise and writers who spend weeks on the dating sites reviewed as members. They evaluate how easy to use this site, how intuitive interface is, how many useful tools and features the site offers, how modern the design is, etc.

Once the holistic analysis is completed, we assign the final score. Eventually, this score, together with the detailed, unbiased review, can give the readers all the information they need to understand whether or not this particular dating site meets their needs.