About yourself field: what to write there?

March 17, 2019

It’s challenging for many people to talk about themselves. Society encourages us to be good listeners, not good storytellers. We feel awkward and embarrassed when we have to describe ourselves as professionals in the job interview or present ourselves as romantic partners to potential mates. That’s why many dating site users leave “About Yourself” field empty. They just have no idea what to write there.

And this is one of the most significant mistakes you can make on a dating site. Filling in “About Yourself” field is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and to show women that you are an interesting and creative person with a good sense of humor. In fact, it's your only chance to show them what kind of a person you are. So don't miss it!

Here are some ideas that may inspire you and help you describe yourself on any dating site you choose.

A catchy first line is half the battle

People on dating sites don’t like long-reads; they prefer short and informative texts. So they will be happy to obtain all the necessary information about you from the first line of your self-description. If you can make it catchy and intriguing – just do it.

More hobbies – more chances

Hobbies are the best topic-starters. When we read that someone shares our interests, we are happy to start a conversation with this person, because we already have something in common. So, the more hobbies you write about, the higher are your chances to receive messages from ladies.

Be creative

Don’t be boring! Think out of the box, experiment with from, and add some humor. What if you turn your story upside down? What if you use the quotes of other people to describe yourself? What if you write this text as a resume for the most of Perfect Lover and Boyfriend? Women like creative guys!

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