Dos and Don'ts When Chatting With a Ukrainian Woman

April 14, 2019

Do you want to win the heart of a Ukrainian woman? These don'ts and dos will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes and keep your chats with this amazing lady flowing!

Do: Suggest exciting, relevant topics to discuss.

Most Ukrainian women are deeply interested in Western culture. They like to talk about books, politics, pop culture, social trends, sports, movies, TV shows, and other fascinating things. So you can be safe in selecting a topic you’d normally discuss with your buddies and suggest it to your Ukrainian online mate. You’ll be surprised at how your chats will suddenly be ignited.

Don’t: Treat Ukrainian girls like empty-headed dolls.

Ukrainian ladies are so beautiful and well-groomed that some men mistakenly believe the stereotype of the blonde bimbo. But don’t let their beauty mislead you. Most Ukrainian girls have a sharp understanding of life and society and don’t appreciate being dismissed as empty-headed dolls.

Do: Ask questions about her hobbies, interests and family members.

Asking questions is the best way to keep your relationship alive on a dating site. So don’t hesitate to ask questions, but be sure to keep them interesting and meaningful. Asking questions, you can show the Ukrainian lady on the other screen that you are genuinely interested in her life and a meaningful future together.

If she has hobbies, try to learn the nuances. If she has children, ask about their names or how they spend time together. If she watches Game of Thrones, ask what she thinks about the last episode.

Don’t: Ask her to describe more about herself.

Such questions are awkward and hard to answer. Besides, they make your conversation feel like a job interview. Nobody likes to be put on the spot to impress. When you ask a woman to tell you more about herself, she doesn’t feel special. Instead, she’ll feel as though she’s being filtered among a group of women and has to prove herself.

Do: Ask her something about Ukraine.

Ukrainians are true patriots. They love their country and are happy to tell foreigners about its history, culture and latest achievements. Asking your lady about Ukraine and Ukrainians, you show her that you respect her country and cause her to appreciate you.

Don’t: Say Ukraine and Russia are the same.

Most Americans don’t see the difference between Russia, Ukraine and other Soviet countries. But Ukrainians don’t like being mixed up with Russians. So if you want to impress any Ukrainian, you should remember one simple thing: Ukraine and Russia are two different countries.

That’s it. I hope that this advice will help you draw your Ukrainian love interest closer and move your relationship to the next stage.

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