Four mistakes you make on a dating site

December 17, 2018

Many men find the process of looking for love online frustrating. It’s hard for them to catch and keep the attention of ladies on dating sites. However, if you look at their dating profiles and read their chats with women, you will see that it’s not about the online dating process. It’s about the mistakes they make when looking for love online. Here are four mistakes you should avoid to attract a life partner on a dating site.

Your messages are boring or creepy.

On a dating site, your communication skill is your essential instrument in attracting women. In the first stages, the woman on the other side of the screen can’t hear your voice or see your charming smile. She decides whether to answer you or not based mostly on the messages you send her. If your messages are boring with questions like “So what’s up?,” she closes the chat. If you propose sex before saying “Hello,” she closes the chat. If your messages have an angry or negative creepy tone, she closes the chat. So think first, then write.

You lie in your profile.

If you think that you should pretend to be someone else to get attention, acceptance, and love, you are destined for failure. This strategy leads nowhere on dating sites in particular. Women are very perceptive to guys inflating themselves to be something they’re not. So if you lie in your profile and try to seem better than you really are, prepare for getting exposed on your first meeting in person and staying single for a long time.

You hide your real intentions.

No matter what your goal is in creating an account on a dating site, you don’t need to hide it. Not all women here are looking for a life partner. Some go online to find company to get through a rough period in their life or expand their circle of friends to hang out with on the weekends. The more clearly you communicate your dating goals, the faster you will get what you are looking for.

You are moving too fast.

If you have found a woman you like to talk to, don’t try to rush things with her. Take your time, try to get to know her well enough before asking her out. You have a better chance to go on the second date if you both feel comfortable on the first. And don’t get attached too soon. High expectations lead to big disappointments. So try to relax and let your relationship run its course.

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