How to deal with rejections on a dating site

February 28, 2019

“No” is the worst word in the world, especially when you hear it from a woman you really like. But even Ryan Gosling has faced rejection. So why would you be an exception? Yes, some women are really cold and heartless, but you can let them demotivate you. In this post, I’ll share some useful tips on how to deal with rejections on a dating site.

You’ve been rejected… So what?

“So what?” is the key question that will help you handle practically anything. Keep asking this question until you understand that nothing bad has happened to you. All that happened is a woman you have never met, and likely never will meet, has refused to chat or go on a date with you. Why should it trouble you?

Let ghosters go

If you are being ghosted by someone, stop writing to this girl. You don’t need to know why she doesn’t want to chat with you anymore. One of the primary laws of successful dating says, “If someone wants to leave, let them go.” Trying to hold on someone who doesn’t want to be with you is meaningless. Besides, why would want to hear an opinion of you from a woman who isn’t brave enough to tell you that she doesn’t want to chat anymore?

Always keep trying

The best way to forget about a rejection is to meet a new woman. Guys have followed this advice for ages. And online dating presents you with the ideal opportunity to meet dozens of new girls in the first minute after rejection. So put yourself together and you’ll inevitably find a girl who will be genuinely interested in a relationship with you!


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