How to write a winning first message

by Joanne Adams January 30, 2019

The ability to write great first messages is an essential skill on a dating site. This couple of words determines your chances to win the heart of the woman you like. Here are some tips that may help you create a winning first message that will make ladies on dating sites reply to you.

Introduce yourself

When people meet each other in real life, they usually say something like “Hi, I’m John. Nice to meet you!” But when it comes to online interaction, most people forget about this greeting tactic. Use it! This way of communication shows women that you are a polite, open and friendly guy.

Express your interest

Before you started writing a message, you probably had read the profile of this woman and found there something that made you excited. Tell her about it! If you read that she likes to sing, write her that you admire people who are not afraid to perform. You can also ask her about her profession, hobbies or interests.

Not a word about her appearance

Many men think that writing the first message to an attractive woman on a dating site, they have to say something about her look. But the thing is that women find such compliments intimidating, not attractive. Instead, show her that you are interested in what kind of a person she is, not how she looks like.

Avoid general questions

Asking general questions like “What’s up?” or “How are you?” is the quickest way to lead your online conversation to a dead end. Girls don’t know what to reply to this message, so they left them unanswered. If after reading a girl’s profile you still have no idea what question to ask her, look for another lady to communicate.

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She went on 200 first dates with men she had met on different dating sites. She knows everything about online dating and likes to share her knowledge with men and women who are seeking their soulmates online.


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