The truth about Russian ladies

March 25, 2019

We all know that labeling and stereotyping aren’t cool to do. However, every nation has its own set of set cultural traditions and behaviors. So if you have never met a woman of another culture but want to find a common language with her, these cultural traits may be useful for you. Here are some truths about Russian ladies.

They are more mature than Western women.

Russian society requires a woman in her early twenties to complete a higher education degree, to achieve some initial success in her professional life and to start her own family. That’s why 20-years-old Russian girls are more mature than their American and European counterparts. So don’t be surprised if a young lady tells you that she is ready to settle down and wants to have kids if she is from a Russian town. She’s not joking.

They always dress to impress.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Russian beauties who try to look like Hollywood starlets every day of their lives. Most of this is true. Russian women dress up and put on makeup even if they go to the nearest supermarket. They really care how they look like and want men to admire their beauty. They like high heels, short skirts, sexy dresses, and jewelry. That’s why visiting Russia, you see thousands of gorgeous women on the streets.

They are waiting for a man to act like a gentleman

In Russian dating culture, women play the roles of princesses while men are expected to be their knights in shining armor. They always pay the bill at a restaurant, help their lady put on a coat, open the door for her and do all the other gentlemanly gestures. Also, Russian women are used to getting flowers and small romantic gifts on dates. So if you want to impress a Russian girl, be a gentleman and treat her like your princess when you are taking her out.

They have a strong character

Life in Russia is rather difficult and complicated. That’s why even the most tender women on the inside have to act otherwise. Russian women are incredibly strong. Facing life’s challenges, they stay positive and look for solutions to problems. However, when choosing a partner, they are looking for someone confident so that they can relax and unleash their tender, feminine side that they must often hide. In many cases, they’ll even allow their men to lead and make most of the decisions. if you are dating Russian girl and treat her right, be sure that you can rely on her in tough times.

So here is the greatest truth about Russian ladies - they are incredible dating partners. So if you have always dreamed of having a relationship with a Russian girl, join a dating site and find her today!


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