Three myths about asian women

April 03, 2019

Intercultural dating may be a challenging experience because of commonly held stereotypes of men and women of different nationalities. Taking an Asian girl out on the first date, a man can say or ask something innocent in his in his mind that may ruin his chances to land the heart of the woman sitting across from him. That usually happens when he tries to impress his lady with his “in-depth” knowledge of her culture and mentality. But the reality is that nobody likes being labeled or stereotyped. Here are three myths about Asian women that should be busted.

Myth #1. Asian girls are submissive.

When you say “I’m dating an Asian,” most people imagine your girlfriend as an obedient and submissive girl who never argues with you and agrees with any decision you make. Real Asian women hate this stereotype. Maybe your Asian girlfriend is more calm and patient than your American exes, but she is definitely not submissive.

Moreover, sometimes Asian girls are tough and stubborn, sometimes they throw temper tantrums, and sometimes they enjoy arguing with their boyfriends. So yes, they are real women with real feelings. So if you are waiting for someone who will accept everything you say and treat you as God, you’re better off looking for a virtual girlfriend in a fantasy world.

Myth #2. Asian girls are obsessed with education.

Yes, most Asians make it a priority to get high grades in school and college. But the reality is that they lead full social lives, often joining sports teams, fitness clubs, and social groups. Asian women like to lead active, fulfilling lives, which is made possible by gaining a quality education and building a successful career. You’ll be surprised to learn all the extra-curricular activities of your Asian online partner ; )

Myth #3. Asian girls date you because of your money and green card.

Joining international dating sites, men are afraid of so-called gold-diggers – women who are only interested in their money and green card. Of course, some ladies create accounts on dating sitea hoping to find a man who will support their lifestyle. But most Asian girls are genuinely interested in meeting their significant other to share their live with, and all of its ups and downs. The primary reason they prefer Western men is that they tend to be more sensitive, considerate and flexible than Asian men, and all the rigid rules of their culture.

Besides, you already know that Asian women are well-educated and ambitious people who can earn a high standard of living. So if you already had several dates with an Asian woman and she’s enjoying your company, you can start to trust her.


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