Three stereotypes about Russian women

March 31, 2019

Here are three stereotypes about Russian ladies you should forget to have a chance at a relationship with one of these beauties.

Three stereotypes about Russian women

There are plenty of stereotypes about every country and the people who live there. Most of them are mentioned in the media so often that we unwittingly start to believe that they are true. But if you are seeking a romantic partner on an international dating site and want to succeed, you should be able to separate reality from fiction. Here are three stereotypes about Russian ladies you should forget to have a chance at a relationship with one of these beauties.

Russian girls are rude and moody

There is a common misconception in the West that Russian ladies are rude and moody. Many men mistakenly think that Russian women don’t know how to have fun and don’t like to meet new people. All these stereotypes emerged because Russian ladies don’t smile at strangers.

Yes, an average Russian lady needs more time to get closer to you. But once she gets to know you better, you will see the real her – an open and friendly person. Russian girls are funny and polite. They like parties, new people and new experiences. So all you need to do is give your Russian girl some time to open up to you. And the rewards will follow.

All they need is your money

Many men in America think that Russian women are so desperate that all it takes is to be a rich foreign man to make them into a kept woman. That isn’t true. Russian women, as any other women in the world, want to love and be loved.

A modern Russian lady is looking for a healthy and mature relationship. Of course, beautiful, educated and confident Russian women are looking for an attractive, intelligent and successful guy. But she also may choose a man with potential as a romantic partner. Ultimately, a Russian lady needs a man she can rely on.

Russian women want to be housewives

Most Russian girls grew up in families where women performed traditional wifely duties. Their mothers cooked, cleaned up, did laundry and so forth. And they taught their daughters to be good housewives. So, yes, an average Russian woman can do all the housework, but it doesn’t mean that she will want to do it.

Times have changed dramatically in this part of the world. And now most Russian ladies are choosing to build a career instead of performing traditionally "feminine" roles. They are ambitious, they want to work to provide a second income, and they expect to be respected. Being family-oriented, most Russian girls are glad to stay at home for the first three years of the life of their child, but they are definitely not going to be housewives for the rest of their lives.

That’s it. Remember to always treat the people you meet in online dating as individuals. Don’t let stereotypes mislead you and ruin your chance to meet your soulmate on an international platform.

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