Why You Have a Good Chance of Landing a Russian Girlfriend

April 20, 2019

Russian ladies are incredibly beautiful and desirable. They make great efforts to look as classy and sexy as possible. You can rarely see these women without bright makeup, high heels, and perfect hairstyling. And despite many of them looking like prom queens, they are seeking down-to-earth romantic partners on international dating sites. Here are three reasons why you – yes, YOU, dear reader – have a solid chance of getting a Russian girlfriend.

They find foreign men good looking.

There are more women than men in Russia. That means no matter what you look like, how you talk to people, or how little money you make – you will find yourself a girl if you are a Russian man. For this reason, many men choose not to bother enhancing their game.

But the difference these days is that Russian women travel, watch Western movies and TV shows and have 24-hour Internet access. So they see thousands of men who take care of their looks and health better than Russian guys. Of course, they find these men attractive and prefer them to what the local guys have to offer. So if you are not a hit with the ladies in your country, you have far better chances to be a hit with Russian girls.

They want to date a grown man.

In Russia, most quality men settle down in their twenties. So if a woman chooses to pursue higher education, focus on a career or spend some years on self-development and exploring the world, she is likely to wake up one day and understand that all good guys are already taken.

So if you are a self-made woman over 25, the process of looking for love in Russia is challenging for you. And if you want to date a grown man, it's easier for you to go on an international dating site and find your Mr. Right there.

They think non-Russian guys make better partners.

Russian women are sure that American and European guys are gentlemen who know how to court women. They make compliments and express their feelings, what Russian men do rarely. Also, foreign men are better at making money to support their families. They become caring and loving fathers who are happy to spend time with their children.

So, if you want to date a beautiful Russian woman, you have incredibly strong chances to win her heart, though you might not believe it. All you need to do is to find the right dating site to make your dream a reality.


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